Colleen Joyce
18 March 2011 @ 03:47 am
Okay, since I am an newb at this stuff and I know some of you are leet, awesome people with lots of real world experience.

How does shipping things work? Because everywhere I look at shipping things overseas it keeps trying to say that even the smallest of packages would cost over $70 to ship? WHAT AM I DONG WRONGGGG? ;A;

I'm asking because my mother got me to set up a "Box of Louisiana"
for the [ profile] help_japan auctions, but she's confessed to being worried about international shipping charges. Since the current high bidder is from Malaysia I'm unsure as to how much a box of random junk would actually cost to ship.

PS: Current total of potential money earned for charity? $45. I know it's not much, but it still feels like I'm actually accomplishing something for once.

/leaves this public in case random people from h_j wander in who might be able to help
/goes to bed
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Colleen Joyce
18 September 2010 @ 02:20 pm
I almost forgot that I wanted to talk about this, the last post is already huge, and frankly you guys are like the best people to turn to.

It's either you or go off topic on rpanoncomm and I'm kind of hoping that y'all have better advice than anon does.

Anyways, it's like this...

Yet another cut for length )So, before I do something notoriously stupid again, I figured I'd come talk at all of you in hopes that maybe this time I won't gigantically screw my life up just because 1. I'm entirely too lonely, 2. I tend to jump into things for no reason, 3.... I don't have a three never mind, 4. profit?

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Colleen Joyce
17 December 2009 @ 07:41 am
Despite my resolve not to spend money... I've got all those damned coupons from LJ now. So I'm going to use one, just one of those to get a paid account for Ranka.

Thing is, if I'm getting a paid account I want a good name for the journal right? So I was hoping maybe you guys might have some suggestions?

Current journals I have that are Ranka appropriate are: aheartwithsongs, lolifang-tan, and I suppose technically nowwithmoremoe Which currently has Nia icons but hey, whatever.

Not really sure if I'm happy with any of them though. Not enough to want to use as a flagship journal you know?

So.. any ideas? If it helps the Ranka it's for is an AU empath but otherwise than that she's pretty much just like her canon self.

Also, if anyone knows someone who wants a coupon let me know. i've got like 30 of them right now.