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Name:Colleen Joyce
Birthdate:Jan 5
Location:United States of America

My hands, they were strong, but my knees were far too weak.

Welcome to the my journal! My name's Colleen - I'm twenty-seven, naturally blonde, and have hazel eyes. I need glasses but don't wear them, and have a fondness for hair dye. My sun sign is Capricorn, my zodiac is the Tiger, and my blood type is A-. I listen to a wide variety of music though I do tend to favor K-pop, Symphonic Metal, and Classic Rock. I really love video games, especially rpgs and I've got a weak spot for the Final Fantasy series in particular. I adore comic books and have a lot of opinions about women in comics...and life in general.

If we have some communities in common, feel free to comment on my friends only post. I love making friends and broadening my horizons so don't be shy! Please note that some topics will probably be mentioned here that not everyone is comfortable with. This can include topics on: sexuality, religion, fat acceptance, and various things I stumble across in my daily life. Nothing here will be too graphic but please try to keep an open mind. Other than that please try to respect me/my beliefs and I'll do the same for yours. If I haven't frightened you away, I look forward to meeting you.

I play:
No one anywhere currently!

My icons can be found at [personal profile] elysian.
On LJ I'm [ profile] lumati and my icons can be found at [ profile] elysianreverie

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Even as I fell, I rose to claim it.
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