Colleen Joyce
So while I haven't read all 52 of the nu!52 titles DC has done for their relaunch I've read 36 of them. So let's have a nice chat shall we? 

This is... probably going to take a while. 36 titles is a lot to talk about.

Lots of text and lots of opinions. Some strong and some not so strong. )

Okay so I ran out of stream there with the last few as it probably shows. But oh well.

So if it's not obvious I actually buy: Supergirl and Teen Titans right now. I'll be adding Superboy and maybe Batman and/or Aquaman to this. Otherwise that's probably it and the only thing I buy is Young Justice which wasn't touched by the reboot
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Colleen Joyce
This is long. This is unapologetic. Read at your own risk. )
Lena, Mia, Rei, Sunny, Meg, and co should all read this. Anyone else feel free if your curious what I've been up to lately or just feel like being nosy.
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