19 December 2012 @ 02:41 pm
Because I ♥ my friends! Still, I can't really afford postage so while I'd love to send everyone a card or some sort of goodies, it's just not in my budget.

So that's where this post comes in. It's a simple premise really: images go in and then icons come out.

Feel free to drop off anywhere from 1-5 images, unless you want manga icons and then I'd rather only 1-2 since they take quite a bit longer. Seriously! Anime, manga, video game, live action, stock, or whatever! If you have any preferences feel free to note that too (ie icons for rp tend to be different from other icons and etc, if there's a specific type of feel you want to them like vintage, or stuff like that.)

Oh heck, here. Have a handy dandy text box.

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